The Art of Hood Cleaning
Kitchen ventilation maintenance crews do a dirty job that no one else wants to do, traditionally in the middle of the night. Since they work under the cover of night, while restaurants are closed, they are often called "hood cleaners" or even "hoodlums." SafetyTec wants to shed that negative connotation of our industry by showing the world just how professional and thorough we can be.

The principals at SafetyTec have spent years mastering the mysterious art of hood cleaning. Our specially-formulated cleaning compounds, custom designed tools and state-of-the-art equipment provide far superior results than industry competitors. Clients remark on our approachability, diligence and professionalism. All in all, SafetyTec provides an unmatched quality of service and guaranteed results.

Certified Technicians
SafetyTec's certified training program prepares our technicians to be competent and proficient and our uniformed staff provides excellent customer service.

Our qualified technicians, armed with knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art arsenal of equipment provide our customers the highest possible level of cleaning.

SafetyTec service includes:
  • Removal and proper cleaning of the rooftop fan unit
  • Cleaning the upper portion of the duct-work
  • Scraping and cleaning of the lower portion of the duct-work from inside the kitchen
  • De-greasing and cleaning the inside of the hood canopy
  • Cleaning the hood filters
  • Restoring the kitchen to ready-for-operations order
Our standard service procedures offer SafetyTec clients full compliance with state and federal codes, while providing an unrivaled level of professionalism and results.

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