You make sure your kitchen is clean. But what about your roof?
SafetyTec's new proprietary invention, the FOG Grabber, is an extra layer of protection for your roof, keeping your restaurant safe from potential EPA violations, drainage issues and costly repairs.

F = Fats
O = Oils
G = Greases

Our proprietary FOG Grabber filter system is custom-made to mount on your existing rooftop fan unit, allowing natural moisture to pass through but trapping residual oils and grease so it cannot harm your establishment's roof. Accumulation of grease and oil on your vinyl or tar roof can cause damage to the structure of your building, as well as hazardous run-off that can be a fire hazard.

Our FOG Grabber, combined with your regular SafetyTec vent hood cleaning, adds another level of security for your clientele AND your crew.

Avoid downtime by scheduling regular preventative maintenance today.

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