Is Your Roof a Grease Trap? Probably.
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Grease from commercial kitchen ventilation fan units can leak onto the roof membrane, ultimately causing deterioration and possibly even roof failure. Accumulated grease creates fire hazards. When grease combines with water run-off from the roof, it can seep into the sewer or ground, leaving you liable for any damage and EPA code violations.

Regular SafetyTec maintenance can clean up the grease on any roof-top application, eliminating the risk of damage to your property. We offer many different, affordable maintenance plan options for you to choose from to protect your investment from the top down. For a further measure of protection, SafetyTec can install, maintain and make sure a rooftop grease containment system and check it regularly, ensuring it operates adequately and without error.

We recommend our signature FOG Grabber system, along with regularly-scheduled kitchen exhaust fan maintenance for best results.

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