Have You Checked Under the Hood Lately?

Your kitchen exhaust fan will last longer, run better, and reduce unexpected expenses with regular fan motor maintenance from SafetyTec. Why wait until smoke fills your kitchen during a busy Friday night before checking your exhaust fan?

SafetyTec offers the following series to make sure your fan is running to its fullest potential:

  • Change fan belts with every service so they won't burn out.
  • Perform regular bearing maintenance extending your fan's optimum life and productivity
  • Most importantly, a thorough cleaning of the inside of the fan housing to maintain peak performance of your fan and avoid costly malfunction.

SafetyTec never settles for anything less than 100 percent. This includes customer satisfaction, compliance with all NFPA standards and confidence that the job will get done right.

Schedule an appointment today and one of our specialists can make sure that your fan will not leave your stranded while trying to finish an important dinner.

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